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"Here Kitty, Kitty."










Yes Ohio, there is an Easter Bunny!  Queen Ewokiniah Jane (one of our 2 Old English Baby Doll Sheep) giving the Easter Bunny a helping hand.










Left to Right: Clover Hill

Elyza, Clover Hill Evie,

and Celtic Kassey take a

walk on a beautiful Autumn







Clover Hill Elyza and Celtic

Kassey take a quick jog

around the pasture.





Prince Charles and two

of his girl friends.






Is it time for lunch yet?




How about just a little snack?

Well, ok, maybe.



Left to Right: Clover Hill

Rainbow's End (back left),

Cory ( a wether)

Clover Hill Janelle,

and Clover Hill Hope.



Left to Right: Celtic Kassey,

Ned (a wether),

Clover Hill Elyza,

and Clover Hill Evie

 (in the background.)


Best Friends and Sisters,

Clover Hill Hope and

Clover Hill Faith.






Clover Hill Hope,

Clover Hill Faith,

Cory (a wether),

and Clover Hill

Sir Charles.


Left to Right: Clover Hill

Elyza (back left), Celtic

Kassey, Ned (a wether),

and Clover Hill Evie.

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